Not everyone is called to the prophetic office though everyone can prophesy

Not everyone is called to the prophetic office though everyone can prophesy.

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Not everyone is called to the prophetic office though everyone can prophesy

While everyone is exhorted by the Apostle Paul to desire more than any the gift of prophesy it is important to recognised that the ability to prophesy does not make one a prophet. The fact is not everyone is call to the prophetic office though everyone has the ability to prophesy.

A prophet has the ability to see, know and hear from God that which is to come, that which has not yet happen that which is yet to take place and to proclaim the acceptable day of the Lord. The ability to see the past or present of itself does not make one a prophet this is a word of knowledge gifted by the Holy Spirit, similarly having the ability of discernment or word of wisdom does not make one a prophet of itself.

A prophet is a lot more than one who prophesy he or she is a joining of the body of Christ one that holds the body together, one that is entrusted together with the apostle to lay the foundation of the church as well as to lead and equip the people
(author Angela Doreen)

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There is a difference between a false prophet and one who makes a mistake

It is important to note that there is a huge difference between a false prophet and a prophet who makes a mistake. Do not assume because one makes a mistake that he or she is a false prophet. A person starting out or one who is nervous could make a mistake so do not crucify a person for a simple mistakes.

The Scripture give clear references to a false prophet they are not just someone who makes a mistake they come with the intention to deliberately mislead you so it is important that you test the spirit.

It is important that we weigh the word that has being brought to us instead of just blatantly rejecting it out of hand else we end up rejecting prophesy take it to God, test the spirit and remember prophesy itself is futuristic in nature and could take the life time of the prophet to come to past.
Author Angela Doreen

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Steps to giving a prophesy

It is important for us to recognise that if you draw near to God He will draw near to you. God as a Father is forever speaking to us His children yet many of us have not perceived this because we have not learn to recognised the many method in which God will speak to us. But it is important if you want to prophesy to receive God’s revelation, which comes via ways that God will communicate with you.

The first step to prophesying is having the revelation which is the message that God wants you to convey that could be words spoken or impressed upon you or it could be picture shown to you, it could be the very thoughts impressed upon your spirit or given in the many other ways that God could use to speak to you. Whatever method is used it is important to be able to discern the revelation because if there is no revelation there is no message to proclaim.

The second step once you receive the revelation is to request the interpretation of whatever was revealed to you in order that you have an understanding of what message you are to deliver and to whom is the message to be delivered, after all as a prophet your message could be for an individual, a group of people, the body of Christ or for the nation itself.

Third step is the actual delivery of the message now you have received the message, and have an understanding of its content it is important to know how to deliver the message i.e is the message to be given directly or indirectly do you speak it verbally or do you act out the message. And of course being able to deliver the message in love regardless of whether it is a message of warning, correction or direction etc is a must because the word of God declare that without love it is nothing
(Author Angela Doreen)

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Pride and Prophesy

It is important for all who are prophets or for those who desire to or have the gift of prophesy to realise that pride has no place in prophesy. In fact all will do well to realise that the gift of prophecy is not given to you for your own benefit it is given for the benefit of the people, the recipients of the message. So put away your self pride and get off your high horse because God is able to use anyone to deliver His message and if there is no one available He will and can use anything including an ass to get His message through.
Therefore if you have being privilege to be used as God’s spoke person please ensure that you clothe yourself in humility and love when dealing with the people.

Remember your role is not to drive the people further from God but to draw them, bring them closer to God. You are entrusted to bring about change either to the individual, group, body of Christ or nation thus your aim is to (1) edify, to build up, to teach, instruct, to encourage growth in order that those in whom you deliver the message will realise they can obtain that to which God has called them. (2) To exhort one to change, i.e to bring one to the right road if they have strayed unto the wrong road. You are to bring, draw God’s people nearer to Him and (3) to console one in time of distress to cheer them up to comfort them and to keep them focus upon God and not on the distresses.

As a prophet or one prophesying it is important to realise that you are a vessel a empty vessel that have being filled with the spirit of God for the purpose of delivering the message of God therefore you do not speak for yourself it is not your words, it is not your message, you do not get the glory the glory belongs to the one who speak through you.
(Author Angela Doreen)

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Time to Stand on Your Kingdom Authority

JOIN US – pass it around get the news out get the momentum going. (Fast if you can)

THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL CRY TO BELIEVERS ON THIS EARTH WHEREVER YOU ARE. Come out on October 24th we must be united in prayer get together in your churches, in your homes if you can, believers group together if you can or even if you are on your own united with us in the Spirit and let us as a nation take back control with our Kingdom authority, whether you are in Africa, Australia, Europe, America, Asia, Caribbean or wherever you are in the world if you are a believer get up on October 24th with a mindset that you will unite in prayer. If you want to know the time in your country ask if you don’t know how to work it out. Throughout the day October 24th if you are a believer pray without ceasing, aim of prayer is in disabling Ebola hold on this earth, so we can evict it to the abyss.

IS THIS A SCARE TACTIC SHOULD I BE FEARFUL ABSOLUTELY NOT AS BELIEVERS WE OPERATE IN KINGDOM AUTHORITY THAT MAKES US VICTORS. EBOLA has no place here it is the enemy and its aim is to kill, steal and destroy all that is good and as representative of the Kingdom we must trample on it stamp it out, we must take authority. Why united because there is strength in numbers and united we can and will succeed against this strong hold. CAN WE ACTUALLY ACHIEVE ANYTHING ARE WE WASTING OUR TIME IS IT NOT TOO STRONG FOR US. IS THIS IS AN IMPOSSIBLE TASK. WHAT AUTHORITY DO WE HAVE TO TAKE THIS STANCE? Believe me prayer changes things when we pray in faith we can and will achieve and move the mountains. With Christ in us nothing absolutely nothing is impossible. The aim is to rid the land of Ebola and while doing that we believers in Christ will have stood united and we would have work together as one with Christ so much is achieved through this. We operate in the authority of Jesus Christ and in His name we will succeed in casting out demonic force.


We have a Skype prayer going it is limited in how many can be in a call but you can still be part of this contact your churches, your house group, friends other like minded believers and unite in prayer where you are. Together with Jesus we can and will overcome, we will defeat we will throw down anything that proves to be the enemy. I am joining with fellow believers from around the world for a live prayer on Skype that is just one of the ways in which you can organise.

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Generational Curse:

Okay folks I am going to tackle this one because my heart is grieving over the false and unnecessary wrong information that many are using to mislead people and even to mislead themselves.

Does the Scripture address generational curse the answer is yes it does but like many things through Scripture there have been changes, new laws, new rules throughout Scripture and this is one of the many things that have been changed or discarded or broken

Believers listen up for a minute you cannot be in Christ and under a generational curse, the two do not go together, you are either under a curse or you are in Christ but you cannot be both. If you are under a generational curse you are not in Christ and therefore you must be one of the tares spoken about in Scripture, you know the one I mean the pretender the make-believe believer who trying to pass themselves off as a true believer.

Yes I see you going in uproar just about now probably screaming me down calling me out saying I don’t know what I am talking about but believe me I do know what I am talking about because I read the word of God which gives me new hope in this new covenant but not only that the scripture gave hope to them that was under the old covenant too because in Ezekiel 18 it is stated that no longer shall the son bear the inequity of the father, it states that each soul that sinneth shall die that mean if I am walking righteously I can’t be punished for the sins that my mother, father or grandmother/father committeth they have to bear the brunt of their own sin, sorry to say but every sinner is on their own they have not got company they take on their own sins and punishment.

If you are a believer you are not going to be punished for what your fore-parents did, in fact if you are to be punished it is for your own sin the sin of disbelief because you do not believe in the word of God, which state that you are a new creature in Christ all things have passed away 2 Corinthians 5:17. Yes folks when you repent and accepted Christ you became a new creature you lost your old generation and you began a new generation with and in Christ there isn’t any generation curse for you because you are a new creature in Christ so please stop listening or believing rubbish.

Scripture say you must let him be accursed who is teaching you a doctrine contrary to that of Christ so stop listening, stop paying them any mind when they tell you about denouncing generational curse because Scripture clearly state the truth will set you free and if Christ is the truth and you have receive Him who is the truth then you are free from any and all generational curse.

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