About Angela Doreen

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog.

My name is Angela Doreen who just over five years ago accepted Christ in my life.  When I accepted Christ I did not really know what to expect but what I found was my feet had been planted on a path and on this path I began a journey.

1. It was a journey of discovery
2. A journey that has aided me to greater understanding
3. A journey, which has seen spiritual, growth
4. A journey that has brought me into closer relationship with God
5. A journey that has awoken in me an even more unquenchable desire to share my experience with others
6. A journey that no matter how long will have only just began
7. A journey of truth

Of course I could go on forever describing this journey the journey of hope, of promises of love, of fulfillment, of peace and of contentment but instead I will leave you to find out for yourself because only then could you truly appreciate that in Christ you will be brought way beyond your own expectation, it is only in Christ that you truly get to appreciate the closeness of relationship, the feeling of being truly love.

You see whatever expectation I had when I first accepted Christ as my personal Saviour has been richly exceeded beyond measure, And still I have an overwhelming desire to know more about Him an insurmountable need to be at His feet, to bask in His fragrance and to see Him face to face.

Anyway now you have become a little acquainted with who I am I simply pray that I am led only to share things with you that God has laid on my heart, things that will encourage, uplift and that will allow you to look at where you are and where you should be.



3 Responses to About Angela Doreen

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  2. tnmusicman says:

    I wish I was as spiritually mature as you are. I pray you will continue to grown in Christ and His love.


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