Study to show thyself approved unto God

When we skirt the surface without seeking to go deeper we will more often than not miss the hidden things that can prove to be the most important thing that we needed to know, the thing unseen that will bring us to a place of understanding that will give us the wisdom that we need in order to unlock that which is lock.

In the Scriptures there is much mention of trees and of houses and if we look closely we will find that there are hidden parts to the tree and hidden parts to the house that is in fact the most important and most crucial but yet it remains hidden to the naked eyes unless we choose to dig deeper and delved in and discover that there is more to the tree than the trunk, the branch, the leaves, more to the house than the four walls, the roof, the doors, the windows parts that are hidden that is crucial to the up keep, maintenance of the tree or the house the hidden part that without which neither the tree or house would be upstanding and so it is with the word of God in His word there are things contained within that are crucial to our walk, that are crucial to our survival that are crucial to our transformation things that God wants us to search out which is the reason we are exhorted throughout the word to study, to meditate to dig in, to go deeper, these things are not hidden to be concealed from the children of God rather they are hidden and concealed for us for the benefit of the children of God.

Now I hear you say what are the unseen the crucial parts of the tree and the house that is hidden from the unseen eyes that can only be seen if we dig deep or search it out the things that are of utmost importance and which is more important that what you received with the naked eyes well simple put it is the part without which the tree are the house cannot and could not survive and remain upstanding the unseen part of the tree is the root that keeps and sustain the trunk, the branch the leaves and the unseen part of the house is the very foundation on which the house stand and without which the house would simply collapse.

Written by Angela Doreen


About angeladoreen

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