People don’t get relationship mix up with religion

The Son of God is not interested in religion that is why he found the pharisees wanting, religion makes conclusion and determinations and is all about being steadfast and steep in rules and tradition it is about control, the pharisees were very religious they set rules to control, rules they themselves flaunt but expect others to obey.

Christ our Saviour is interested in relationship not religion because relationship allows for growth through learning, it allows for the building up, for the changing of self, it allows for closeness, it allows for love and guidance, patience and kindness and for hope and joy. Relationship offer edification, exhortation and comfort thus it is flexible and not rigid it takes account of weakness and look to strengthen, relationship give life it does not seek to kill, to murder to step on or to step over.

So I don’t know about you but I am in a relationship with my Saviour not in religion with the world. My Saviour called me into relationship with Him and that was what I said yes to that is what I vowed to that is what I accepted a relationship with my Saviour

Written by Angela Doreen


About angeladoreen

Being molded in the image of Christ
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