In His final will and testament before returning to His glory did you know Jesus the testator bequeath his possessions.

Herein is Jesus last will and testament

To the Father the Almighty God into your hands I commit My Spirit. To John I place the care of my mother, she is now your mother and you are now her son. To the soldiers even though you took part in my death I would like you to have a reminder of just who you think you have killed so herein you are bequeathed my clothes, yes they have fallen to you and it is written you shall have them so enjoy while you can. To Joseph of Arimathea I loan you my body for three days and three nights however, I ought to tell you that Mary one of my beloved friend, who was so mindful of me she listen intently to my every word you know the sister of Martha and Lazarus well she already prepared my body for burial, she washed me in her tears and she rub alabaster oil all over me. And finally to my beloved my disciples now and forever the faithful followers, you who have left and given up everything for my sake guess what no matter what come your way, what surrounds you and believe me much will come your way, much will happen in this world, many will become afraid, fearful but you I do not want to troubled I want you to take it all in your stride so to help  peace I leave you, my peace I give unto to you but not as the world giveth, give I you, my peace is completeness because it will surpass all things it covers the wholeness of you so Shalom my friends until we meet again

Written by Angela Doreen/


About angeladoreen

Being molded in the image of Christ
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