The Lord is my Shepherd

Psalm 23:1 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

The Lord is my Shepherd, I wonder how many of us truly wonder what it means for the Lord to be our Shepherd, how many of us accept the Lord to be our Shepherd and behave as if the Lord truly was our shepherd.
You know when I think about the sheep and the shepherd my sense of the sheep is really of a senseless animal, rather dumb with no sense of direction and can easily be led astray. To me a sheep will wander aimlessly and in doing so cannot tell what is in front of them so if there was a drop ahead of them then there is no doubt the sheep would continue walking not realising that there is a drop and would tumble straight down.

And when I think about it really that is how my life was I wandered through life quite aimlessly not knowing where to turn until I hit my head against a brick wall with no where else to go. I arrived at a place where there was nothing behind me except pure darkness, nothing to the side except pure darkness and in front of me there was a barrier, a wall, above fill with pure darkness I was truly lost, I was distraught and I had no where to go, no direction in fact the only thing open to me was to curl up and die, in fact it appear that death was welcoming me it was calling to me and right in the midst of it all I saw a light a guiding light and when I spin around I came right face to face with this figure dress in white from head to toe all around him glittered like diamond as He spoke the words ‘come follow me” . I must say right up to that moment I really had not grasp the concept of having someone to lead me it almost felt as if my whole life I have being wandering aimlessly without direction and here all of a sudden was someone who wanted to lead and who wanted to allow me to follow.

Just the thought of having someone lead, someone to show me the way someone to bring light to me was so wonderful I remember running to catch up because I dare not let him get too far and leave me and thus that night I was introduce to my shepherd and the relief in knowing there was someone who wanted to lead me, to guide me, to take care of me and provide me with all my needs was so overwhelming that even now at times I have to pinch myself. To have the assurance that everything will be okay, that I no longer have to worry that all my needs will be met truly I cant explain fully how much this means to me.

For years I had struggle wondering where the next meal was coming from how I would feed the children how I would pay the bill and it had gotten to the stage where my wandering had lost me everything I was on the brink of being homeless and losing everything and suddenly out of nowhere my shepherd turn up and began to lead me and take care of me so you see when I say the Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want I am not just saying so for the sake of saying it but I am saying it because truly He is, truly I now know what it is to have a shepherd to be led and guided by one so THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD AND I SHALL NOT WANT for nothing because in Him is everything that I need.


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