Discerning Spirit

The word of God exhort us not to put our faith in every spirit, but that we are to test the spirits to discover whether they are from God or not. Clearly this tells us straight away that not everything we receive will necessary come from God because the enemy prowls around constantly watching and waiting for an opportunity to get us off course, to confuse us, to get us to go against God and to stop us from obtaining that to which has being set aside for us.

So then what is spirit of discernment, well simple put it is the spirit that allows us to know when a thing is of or from God or of or from the enemy or of the flesh. It is the spirit that tells us when a thing is right or when it is wrong. It is the spirit that tells us whether a person is of and with the Lord doing God’s work or one sent by or working for the enemy. It is the spirit that every true believer need, it is the spirit that the body of Christ needs because without it we may stumble, we may get carried away with every wind of doctrine or with every conceivable false prophet or teaching that the enemy send to derail us.
The Spirit of Discernment helps us to distinguish what is divine and what is not, it helps you to know whether the message you have received is from God, whether the dream you received is from God, whether the person near you is from God or whether it is the enemy.

It is by the discerning of spirit that one can truly judge prophesy to ensure we are not rejecting what is of God. It is by this spirit that we can distinguish between the divine and the demonic. The discerning spirit can assist you in distinguishing the moment you step in a place what spirit is operating there it gives you the ability even to distinguished between a upper level or lower level demon.

Discerning of Spirit heighten our senses to allow us to distinguish and pick up on things in the spiritual realm. This is a much needed gift but it is also not a gift to use lightly or to abuse or misuse because in the same way you can pick up on demonic actively the demon can also pick up on you and can determine whether you are walking in spiritual authority or not.
In Mark 5:1-20 we can see an example of Jesus using discerning to know that the man was possess with an unclean spirit, we see also in Matthew 17:18 Jesus recognizing the spirit behind the boys epileptic. In Mark 5:7 we see the demon pick up on the fact that Jesus was walking in spiritual authority.
The discerning spirit is the ability to I suppose for want of a better word investigate the spiritual realm for the true or wrong of a thing. The discerning spirit can in effect save you from impending danger and can steer the church on the right path, keep the body from danger so in effect it can provide protection from the enemy. Hence it is a gift the body needs.

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