Steps to giving a prophesy

It is important for us to recognise that if you draw near to God He will draw near to you. God as a Father is forever speaking to us His children yet many of us have not perceived this because we have not learn to recognised the many method in which God will speak to us. But it is important if you want to prophesy to receive God’s revelation, which comes via ways that God will communicate with you.

The first step to prophesying is having the revelation which is the message that God wants you to convey that could be words spoken or impressed upon you or it could be picture shown to you, it could be the very thoughts impressed upon your spirit or given in the many other ways that God could use to speak to you. Whatever method is used it is important to be able to discern the revelation because if there is no revelation there is no message to proclaim.

The second step once you receive the revelation is to request the interpretation of whatever was revealed to you in order that you have an understanding of what message you are to deliver and to whom is the message to be delivered, after all as a prophet your message could be for an individual, a group of people, the body of Christ or for the nation itself.

Third step is the actual delivery of the message now you have received the message, and have an understanding of its content it is important to know how to deliver the message i.e is the message to be given directly or indirectly do you speak it verbally or do you act out the message. And of course being able to deliver the message in love regardless of whether it is a message of warning, correction or direction etc is a must because the word of God declare that without love it is nothing
(Author Angela Doreen)


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