Pride and Prophesy

It is important for all who are prophets or for those who desire to or have the gift of prophesy to realise that pride has no place in prophesy. In fact all will do well to realise that the gift of prophecy is not given to you for your own benefit it is given for the benefit of the people, the recipients of the message. So put away your self pride and get off your high horse because God is able to use anyone to deliver His message and if there is no one available He will and can use anything including an ass to get His message through.
Therefore if you have being privilege to be used as God’s spoke person please ensure that you clothe yourself in humility and love when dealing with the people.

Remember your role is not to drive the people further from God but to draw them, bring them closer to God. You are entrusted to bring about change either to the individual, group, body of Christ or nation thus your aim is to (1) edify, to build up, to teach, instruct, to encourage growth in order that those in whom you deliver the message will realise they can obtain that to which God has called them. (2) To exhort one to change, i.e to bring one to the right road if they have strayed unto the wrong road. You are to bring, draw God’s people nearer to Him and (3) to console one in time of distress to cheer them up to comfort them and to keep them focus upon God and not on the distresses.

As a prophet or one prophesying it is important to realise that you are a vessel a empty vessel that have being filled with the spirit of God for the purpose of delivering the message of God therefore you do not speak for yourself it is not your words, it is not your message, you do not get the glory the glory belongs to the one who speak through you.
(Author Angela Doreen)


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