Time to Stand on Your Kingdom Authority

JOIN US – pass it around get the news out get the momentum going. (Fast if you can)

THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL CRY TO BELIEVERS ON THIS EARTH WHEREVER YOU ARE. Come out on October 24th we must be united in prayer get together in your churches, in your homes if you can, believers group together if you can or even if you are on your own united with us in the Spirit and let us as a nation take back control with our Kingdom authority, whether you are in Africa, Australia, Europe, America, Asia, Caribbean or wherever you are in the world if you are a believer get up on October 24th with a mindset that you will unite in prayer. If you want to know the time in your country ask if you don’t know how to work it out. Throughout the day October 24th if you are a believer pray without ceasing, aim of prayer is in disabling Ebola hold on this earth, so we can evict it to the abyss.

IS THIS A SCARE TACTIC SHOULD I BE FEARFUL ABSOLUTELY NOT AS BELIEVERS WE OPERATE IN KINGDOM AUTHORITY THAT MAKES US VICTORS. EBOLA has no place here it is the enemy and its aim is to kill, steal and destroy all that is good and as representative of the Kingdom we must trample on it stamp it out, we must take authority. Why united because there is strength in numbers and united we can and will succeed against this strong hold. CAN WE ACTUALLY ACHIEVE ANYTHING ARE WE WASTING OUR TIME IS IT NOT TOO STRONG FOR US. IS THIS IS AN IMPOSSIBLE TASK. WHAT AUTHORITY DO WE HAVE TO TAKE THIS STANCE? Believe me prayer changes things when we pray in faith we can and will achieve and move the mountains. With Christ in us nothing absolutely nothing is impossible. The aim is to rid the land of Ebola and while doing that we believers in Christ will have stood united and we would have work together as one with Christ so much is achieved through this. We operate in the authority of Jesus Christ and in His name we will succeed in casting out demonic force.


We have a Skype prayer going it is limited in how many can be in a call but you can still be part of this contact your churches, your house group, friends other like minded believers and unite in prayer where you are. Together with Jesus we can and will overcome, we will defeat we will throw down anything that proves to be the enemy. I am joining with fellow believers from around the world for a live prayer on Skype that is just one of the ways in which you can organise.


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4 Responses to Time to Stand on Your Kingdom Authority

  1. Desiray says:

    Love it. Will be joining you


  2. Desiray says:

    What is the number for skype so I can get in


  3. angeladoreen says:

    thank you please pass it around i have reach around 50, 000 but i need to reach more


  4. angeladoreen says:

    Skype only take 24 and I already have a full house but you can get together with other believers , house group or churches your family, friends


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