Generational Curse:

Okay folks I am going to tackle this one because my heart is grieving over the false and unnecessary wrong information that many are using to mislead people and even to mislead themselves.

Does the Scripture address generational curse the answer is yes it does but like many things through Scripture there have been changes, new laws, new rules throughout Scripture and this is one of the many things that have been changed or discarded or broken

Believers listen up for a minute you cannot be in Christ and under a generational curse, the two do not go together, you are either under a curse or you are in Christ but you cannot be both. If you are under a generational curse you are not in Christ and therefore you must be one of the tares spoken about in Scripture, you know the one I mean the pretender the make-believe believer who trying to pass themselves off as a true believer.

Yes I see you going in uproar just about now probably screaming me down calling me out saying I don’t know what I am talking about but believe me I do know what I am talking about because I read the word of God which gives me new hope in this new covenant but not only that the scripture gave hope to them that was under the old covenant too because in Ezekiel 18 it is stated that no longer shall the son bear the inequity of the father, it states that each soul that sinneth shall die that mean if I am walking righteously I can’t be punished for the sins that my mother, father or grandmother/father committeth they have to bear the brunt of their own sin, sorry to say but every sinner is on their own they have not got company they take on their own sins and punishment.

If you are a believer you are not going to be punished for what your fore-parents did, in fact if you are to be punished it is for your own sin the sin of disbelief because you do not believe in the word of God, which state that you are a new creature in Christ all things have passed away 2 Corinthians 5:17. Yes folks when you repent and accepted Christ you became a new creature you lost your old generation and you began a new generation with and in Christ there isn’t any generation curse for you because you are a new creature in Christ so please stop listening or believing rubbish.

Scripture say you must let him be accursed who is teaching you a doctrine contrary to that of Christ so stop listening, stop paying them any mind when they tell you about denouncing generational curse because Scripture clearly state the truth will set you free and if Christ is the truth and you have receive Him who is the truth then you are free from any and all generational curse.


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