Angela Doreen thought for today: A review of the book of Song of Songs as it touched me from the chapters I have read. 


I used to wonder about the book of the Song of Songs it is a book that truly no matter how many times previously I have read it I did not understand where it fit in as part of the Scriptures when I used to read it as an unbeliever, all I could see was some love torn woman longing for some elusive black lover but now it is as if my eyes have been open because I have truly come to identify with this book now that I can see myself as that love torn woman. You see this story so depict me and should each believer and our relationship with Christ, yes that lover in Samuel is indeed Christ the story is one of the relationship between the intended bride and Christ and the heat and passion of when one first fell in love and if we have ever been in love at the earliest time when even the thought of the other would make our knees go weak and our longing and need to be so wanting to be in their presence the uncontrollable feeling with our emotions running rampant that is until we arrived at that place of satisfaction where our intensive need are fully absurd and satisfied.

You know this book is not about the wayward lover nor is it about the black guy these are truly symbolic as it has nothing to do with colour and everything truly to do with the love affair between Christ and His bride. It is about the love that exist or should exist between the Lover and His love. The longing and need of a more intimate and personal relationship between the Lover and His love, the feeling and need for oneness and the desire to be truly one with each other. How I see it this book the book of Songs of Songs should stir up any true believer to a feeling, the need and want to be in the present of the groom to be infused into a relationship with Christ. It is truly the book depicting the fascinating love that should exist because those that are to and will become one, the build up and excitement of the bride awaiting the illicit first night of intense wantonness that unified two halves into one being. Yes this book has all that we as believers need to stir us up to desire with longing the day, the time and the moment when we truly become one in Christ, a body united with its head, the time of oneness. This is a book of promise of the intense love that awaits the bride.

Oh my if at all possible I am truly in love all over again, ,my, my, my!



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