Angela Doreen food for thought.

This morning I want to give you Angela Doreen food for thought.

Many of us always seek to ask others to pray for us but did you know that when your back is against the wall there is nothing stopping you from leaning forward on your belly to pray. And guess what when you are on your belly praying that old cruft of a devil aint going to hear what you praying about, I hear you ask why, well simple because the cruft of a devil have too much pride to get down so low. So people crawl pon your belly, drop pon you belly do anything you need to get on your belly when your back is against the wall and pray, pray till your break through come because the devil have fe leave you alone cause him too proud to get down low, him like to be high because him think when him stay high him mighty. But listen up he aint going to be more mighty than you so get down low and pray, pray, pray after all as children of God we can’t afford to be too proud because we done know in our weakness we become strong and in our fallen state we get save.


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