Angela Doreen’s prayer 1

Lord I thank you for the privilege as your child to have the opportunity to be bathed and clothe in the blood of Jesus. I thank you Lord that the blood is a constant supply that I can continuously drink from. I thank you precious Father for the heavenly host that you have place around me. I thank you for insight into the plans of the evil force and for the authority that you have given to me as your child to take command and authority over every principalities and power of darkness to trample and dispel them in the name of Jesus.

Precious Lord this morning I come in your strength to break down every strong hold in the blood of Jesus, I come this morning to renounce every evil and foul spirit that come to destroy and work against all who seek to come to you and who desire to work for the kingdom in the name of Jesus.

Father right now I pray totally freedom for all on my friends list from every evil force and renounce and expel any association they may have made in allegiance with familiar spirit. I pray deliverance through the blood of Jesus to anyone on my friends list who is currently afflicted and being control by any evil spirit whether that be the spirit of infirmities, witchcraft, obeah, curses, hexes, demonic force or anything not of you. Right now the blood of Jesus come against every and anything that is not of and from the Almighty God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God who created the heaven and earth and the Great I AM that I Am who send His one and only begotten Son into this world for the sake and protection of His people.


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