Angela Doreen Devotional Thought 2

Angela Doreen personal devotional thoughts for today

Can two walk together unless they agree: Amos 3:3

The verse above seems very profound in its question and it gave me some food for thought in how and what it portrays to me. And this morning as I meditate upon it I cant help but think about those that profess to believe in the Lord, those that claim to love the Lord but yet their lifestyle, their walk and their action are contrary to everything that The Lord is about and so this day the thought has appear to me that there must be an examination of ourselves when we profess to be believers in Christ because we are called to be the light of the world, to let our light so shine before men which mean that our call is not just about ourselves but it is about those that are lost at sea those that need to find their way home it is about those that need to be led to Christ those that need their captivity to be turned those that need to know the hope that is within us.

So when I ponder this profound question I have to examine myself and consider whether or not I am walking in step with my Saviour am I walking in the way of the Lord am I walking in the way He has laid out or am I walking in contrary to Him because you see if I am contrary to Him then I am not in agreement with Him and if I am not in agreement with Him then truly I am not walking in step with Him

And that is not a place that any of us should desire to be because if we are not in agreement with God that means we are walking contrary and in disagreement one with another.

Prayer: Precious and Almighty God today I pray that whatever issue may cloud my mind that you will dispel it that you will remove all blockage all the things that have become a distraction , the things that have obscuring my view of the way in which i need to walk in agreement with you. Amen

Todays Reading Leviticus 26:23-24; Jeremiah 5:3; Isaiah 63:10

Gen 5:22-24

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