Word of Encouragement

My Saviour is the one who truly understand my heart, and freely forgives me of all sins. He came on earth not to judge me or condemn me but to bring me life and peace. Unless you get to know him how could you begin to understand the compassion He displayed to the women caught in adultery or the kindness shown to the man lying sick on his back.

Did you not know your sins are also been forgiven, so my friend rise up and walk, stop approaching our Lord and Saviour ridden down with guilt and fear in your heart. Just because you have failed you expect to hear words of condemnation, but know that our Lord and Saviour will never change and His love for you will never change.

Remember always your sins were redeemed with the blood that was spilled on Calvary so you would be free and have life.

So rise up in confidence and put your past behind you and go boldly forward in Jesus name. For He set you and I free and promise always to remain with us. So come on let us now boldly give God thanks and praise His name for all eternity.

God Bless

Written by Angela Doreen


About angeladoreen

Being molded in the image of Christ
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2 Responses to Word of Encouragement

  1. Desiray says:

    I love the fact that Jesus knows my heart better than I do..


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