The Word of God is the foundation of all things

Believers’ lack of knowledge in the word of God gives satan the opening he needs to defeat us.  Come now all ye who are believers study the word of God and gain knowledge and wisdom and show yourself approved unto God

Know ye not that in the beginning man fall in the garden happened because the serpent  challenged the word of God and Eve was deceived because she lacked the conviction about what God had already spoken: which is to eat of that tree would bring death.

In order to survive as believers we must know the word of God to resist and fight the devil.  The word of God is sharper than any two-hedge sword but if you have not got it stamped upon your heart it is no good to you, because your armour will be incomplete.

The word of God whether spoken, written or living is powerful, satan knows this and that is why he is attacking the word, he loves it that believers prefer to play the lottery than learn the word of God, he loves it that believers spend time arguing about what the word of God says, he loves it because he understand what you as believers do not yet grasp that the word of God is the foundation of everything, it is the word of God which created the heaven and the earth and everything within.

Have you not notice how God has place great store in us knowing his word, he told Moses to write it down so His children could learn it.  Don’t you see how much pain God has taken to inform us of false teachers, false prophet, why would God do that if it were not because He wants you to know his word and not be swayed by every wind of doctrine. God wants us to stand upon His word, He wants us to know Him through his word He wants us to have conviction in His word.

When satan tried to defeat Christ with the word in the wilderness in much the same way he beguile Eve, did you not notice how Christ got the victory, believers, Christ got the victory because he had place the word of God on His heart so when satan tried to trick Him He used the word of God with confidence by saying ‘it is written”.

Note people Christ did not use His position to defeat satan, he did not use miracles He used the word of God.

Many who claim to be believers are looking at unbelievers being the only one left in the cold but I am puzzled about the narrow road because that narrow road look like it is too small to carry all who claim to be believers so I begin to look at us and what I see is that the amount of people who choose to immerse themselves in the word of God appear to be so small, small enough to actually fit I believe on that narrow road.

Then I think about John 3:16 where God desires that the world to be saved through his Son then another thought came to me hang on if the road is narrow and God wants the world to be saved is it possible that what happen at the end is in our hands is it possible that we could actually affect God’s mercy if we really understand Him and how can we do that is it not only through His word.  I have a friend on face book that keeps going on about how God has given us the power and authority to effect change and I must admit all I keep telling her prophecy must come to pass yet that is not really what the word of God has been saying in fact when we read the prophetic books we actually see that when the people began to get right with God there was a turn around God did not go through with

His prophecy.  His judgment only went through when the people continue in the way of satan.  So now I am thinking if the word of god is the foundation on which everything stands how important is it for us to know his word, would He want to take a chance on us being beguiled again through lack of knowledge in His word.

So if Christ is our perfect example why are you not studying his word to know it like He did?

I recently wrote an article where I ask, “Are you allowing the same tactics to over power you” no one took notice but I am still asking you the same question. Will we once again let ignorance keep us from what is rightly ours?

Guys I am not an expert in theology, this is just the thoughts running through my head but it is food for thought after all there are many places such as Matthew 25 where Christ tell believers depart from me, and what about the five foolish virgin isn’t knowledge wisdom but lack of knowledge considered foolish.

My mind is just wondering in another angle you can take it or leave it but the bottom line is the Word of God is the foundation of all things.

Written by Angela Doreen
11 October 2012



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