Don’t Give Up

Luke 18:35-43 The Blind man who was born without sight did not resign himself to spending the rest of his life in darkness. when the opportunity presented itself he cry out for help even through others around him was discouraging him he cried out the more because he knew the prize that was waiting for him if he could just maintain his faith and keep pressing on.He believed he would receive a gift if only he could make himself heard and seen. He cried the more because he saw and recognised that here was someone very special passing by who had the power to give him his sight and because of his determination he was right because through his faith he receive his sight.

The story of the blind man equally apply to us as believers because we will suffer many tribulations, temptation and distraction in our journey path way, because satan’s purpose is to prevent us from receiving our glory he will put obstacle in our path. Equally there are many storms in our lives raging out of control at times and trials that seem never-ending.

However as believers we have to hold steadfastly to our faith we have to abide in Christ, we have to keep ourselves fully armoured, we have to keep our focus firmly on the prize at the end of the journey.

Our faith must believe that our journey’s end will hold a reward so great that it is worth putting up with the tribulations, the obstacle, the storms and distractions that comes our way. We must know and be aware of that sure tomorrow when we abide with Christ.

Written By Angela Doreen
December 2009


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