Another Days Blessings

I woke up this morning
Limbs aching, pain all around
Feeling a bit hard done by
Still I struggled out of bed
After reading your words
Hoping for word of wisdom
I knelt down to pray

After thanking you for
All the yesterdays for
Today and for all the
Tomorrows to come
I realise how lucky I am
To be living at this precise
Moment, because your
Grace and Mercy has
Brought me thus far

I look back at last week
I remember how you saved
I, from being laid up in bed
In hospital or worst still death
Yes because of your loving
Kindness and your promise
Never to leave or forsake
Me Yet another day you’ve given me
To reflect and correct my mistake
Another day to honour and praise you
And to do the things I forgot yesterday

Yes another day another
Time another chance I have
All because you stood by
My side, because your
Love for me is never-ending
Your promise to me is everlasting
Oh what an awesome and
Powerful God you are
My King forever mine

Written by Angela Doreen


About angeladoreen

Being molded in the image of Christ
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2 Responses to Another Days Blessings

  1. Thank you Daddy God, without you we are nothing with you we can do all things.


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