Is it time to separate yourself from your Lot:

Abram when he was called brought a lot with him; today most of us when we are called bring a lot of lots with us. and that really is not a problem bringing our lots with us after all Jesus wants us just as we are.

However, there comes a point in our lives just as with Abram when our old self and our new self begins to come into conflict with each other, a time when we are unable to receive all that is due to us because we have run out of space, a time when all around us becomes crowded, a time when we must realise our present accommodation is too cramped,  a time to realise our dwelling has become severely overcrowded.

Abram got to that point in time, a point when he must have said to himself, hang on, I have gotten some blessings but surely I have not got all that I should receive, a point where he realise something was wrong, that although he now has more than before he is not happy, in fact he realise he is having a lot more conflicts instead of enjoyment.

It’s at that time he realise as we also should realise that when we are called we should be in enjoyment, we should be in constant receipt, we should be more bless not less.

The thing is, Abram soon realise what the problem was, he knew the solution to the problem. Most of us, however, want the best of both worlds, we know there is a problem but unfortunately we are blinded by our lots, we are unable to see further than our well watered garden, we fail to discern and abhor the evil surrounding us, we have simply fail to discard the old.  Some of us, have become greedy, we have become spoilt, we have become complacent, and we remain in disobedience, all the things that prevents us from seeing as Abram did, the solution.

And right now I hear you ask what solution; well here goes, there is a point when we must separate ourselves from our lots in order to receive our blessings in abundance. A point when we must realise the things we use to do we should do no more, a time when we must separate ourselves from the things of the devil, a time when we must leave the darkness behind and wander into the light. A time when we should say goodbye and allow lot to separate from us and travel alone.

Written by Angela Doreen
June 2010


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2 Responses to Is it time to separate yourself from your Lot:

  1. Desiray says:

    we all have some lots in our life that we must come from…


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