Wake Up Before It Is Too Late

The fool hath saith in His heart there is no God, they are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. Psalm 14:1

Today as I look around and see the very existence of my God confirmed everywhere and in everything by the very nature of His infinite works such as the sun, moon, day, night, heaven, earth, man, animals and trees etc. it is hard to understand where the atheists: is coming from because even the devil acknowledge the existence of God.

Today in an attempt to deny the one true living God we have fools who will attempt to explain creation, however they fail to see that they are unable to substantiate their theories and because of this they are constantly changing their theories, they fail to realise that the Bible makes no attempt to defend it’s creation but rely on the evidence contain within itself, evidence that have seen consistency throughout the ages, evidence that have never and can never be change.

The fools who are indeed are fools fail to realise that it is fundamental that one belief in the existence of God in order to accept, understand and know without a doubt that God is and always have been.

People, the devil knows of the existence of God that is why he is trying so hard to keep you blinded and fooled but the time is getting neigh so I suggest you wake up before it is too late and know that God’s Existence is Everywhere Confirmed.

Written by Angela Doreen


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5 Responses to Wake Up Before It Is Too Late

  1. Let’s start with a nice hint: If you are not out there to prove the people right who claim that christians are arrogant and can’t do anything else than name-calling, etc. – stop calling other people fools. They may disagree with you, but the disagreement will be much more pleasant for both sides if it’s not handled like an argument about a wooden pony in kindergarten

    It’s somehow ironic, that you seem to think that the fact, that science constantly tries to find better explanations, admits when an explanation was wrong or not good enough, etc. is actually a point against it. Honestly? Take a step back. Look at it. The only thing you have is an old book written by people who didn’t know america existed at all, a book where you cherry-pick stuff from and the claim it’s the unchangeable truth? And then you go against the people who DON’T claim to have the whole truth? Which side seems arrogant to you? The ones admitting that they can be wrong or yours?

    You are also using the word “evidence” in a strange way, a know habit of christians, true, but quite useless. If you have evidence, bring it forward, because otherwise you just rely on “it’s obvious”, which is just another way of saying “I believe so, thus it must be true”.

    And honestly… Come one. The devil? You are trying to tell people who don’t believe in god that the devil was it? That doesn’t even make sense, sorry.

    But, the most ironic thing, is simply, that you, like many christians, don’t believe in god. You believe, that you ARE god. You don’t understand science, so it must be wrong. You never become humble enough to see the simple idea that your god created the world in a way we can understand. You simply think your god is as limited as yourself. Like the whole creationist stuff, which is the biggest blasphemy anyone could have ever invented, because it reduces god to the intellectual level of the people believing in him: “We don’t understand evolution, so god must have done it in an easy way that we can understand.”


    • angeladoreen says:

      Thank you for your thoughts of course it does not take away from the fact my God is awesome becomes He loves even those that disbelieve His existence.

      I pray peace and love to you and hope if you don’t yet know Him you will come to know my immutable God

      The One who gave His one and Only Son for you.

      Yes a live was given so you and I could have a chance at life.


      • Well, the nice thing about praying is, that it keeps you from doing anything that could do real harm. The bad thing, of course, is, that it’s just a nice way to say that you will do nothing real. In this case, it simply has no effect, but all the time I hear “We pray for the victims” or something like that, I want to shout: “Why don’t you DO something for them instead of feeling smug about NOT doing anything?”.

        And sorry, have been catholic for long enough, so no, nothing there to know. I will never share what I consider a delusion. And obviously, I don’t need to ask why an omnipotent god needs to kill himself/his son down here to forgive a sin that a) he created and b) he tricked adam and eve into commiting? Honestly? You never noticed that this story doesn’t make any sense at all?

        The more simpler explanation is: Jesus lost. His people considered him the messiah, but suddenly, he was death. Unthinkable. So suddenly they had to find a way to explain that and they came up with that nonsense. Everything was better than admitting that Jesus simply lost and was killed by his enemies…


      • angeladoreen says:

        Love conqueurs all and afraid that is all I got for you just the same as my Saviour had for you love pure and simply.


  2. tnmusicman says:

    She wasent calling ANYONE a fool. Its quoting scripture. If youre mad about that take it up with God. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice for a world that could not save itself. Why was it necessary? Because thats the way God set it up! Maybe He set it up in such a way to make those who are hard headed understand the absolute pain and suffering He went through for me,you and everyone else,even those that spit on Him and curse His name! In the OT there was always blood sacrifice made to God and then Jesus came to be the last blood sacrifice. So,it was necessary for Him to die in such a way. If you dont understand why an omnipotent God needed to “die” then perhaps you could read The Word and find out.God didnt trick Adam and Eve!! Listen to William Lane Craigs explanation of the Genesis account. It will make a lot more sense.


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