The Greater Commission

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you, and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world, Amen Matthew 28:19-20

You know it is funny how we as disciples of Christ have been given a commission yet for some reason we appear to find it so difficult to even begin tackling this task, it appear that many who are believers appear to be complacent when it come to this great commission, many, many believers appear to forget that, the healthy have no need of a physician but the sick do. Believers are quite happy to exhort the saved, preach to the saints yet when it comes to bringing the love of Christ to those still in darkness we as believers appear to almost be frighten, we become forgetful that we have not been given a spirit of fear.

The other day something happen to me and at first I was quite happy to yield to it thinking if it is the Lords will then so be it, then shortly afterwards reality sank in the form of self-evaluation. I begin to ask myself am I really ready?, have I done sufficient to make it in?, can I say my basket is full?, how will I justify having an empty basket?, is there really a credible answer that would be acceptable in justifying the fact the sea is overflowing with fishes yet my basket remains empty?.

You see many will look and say maybe what happen is because I am not walking right and well after self-evaluation I would have to agree, you see I love being a believer. I love the happiness, the peace, the joy and all the blessings that comes from being a believer, I love that I feel love, I love that I have a guide, a protector, a provider, that I am safe and comfortable, I love to worship and I love praising my Saviour and I love trying to walk in the way of obedience and I love the feel of being in His constant presence but then isn’t something missing these are all the benefits to me but as a disciple what did Christ actually say did He not say that the world will hate me because it hated Him, did he not say that we would experience sufferings so how comes my walk has just been filled with goodness and blessings.

Then of course I realise that like many believers I was in hiding, I sat around enjoying the fruits without putting in the labour, I have not gone out and done anything to fulfil the commission, I have sat down, waiting to be told, waiting for man’s instruction yet at the appointed time no one would be there to give an account for me, no one would be able to adequately explain why my basket was empty, no one would be able to explain why Christ instruction was not sufficient for me to follow.

As believers Christ has shown us His love but it was not just for us to hug, it was a love for us to share, a love for us to take forth into the world, where many may reject us, some may hate us and where we would likely to experience the sufferings that Christ experience.So believers, while it is easy and comfortable for us to exhort one and another and it is needed for the building up let us not forget the greater commission that we as disciples have been given to be that beacon that flicker in the darkness, the light that guides the lost to safety.

Written by Angela Doreen


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