One Thing have I desire

This morning as I sit in my room, in my heart I feel the despair, a desperation to have the thing I desire more than anything else right at this moment and as I think of my desire I can’t help thinking of what David had desired when he said ‘one thing have I desire, that will I seek after, which is to dwell in the house of the Lord’. And as I sit and think of both David and my desires I can’t help thinking how over the years things are reversed. David had a wonderful relationship with God, He carried the word of God on his heart, probably knew it backwards and because of this He became a man after God’s own heart yet He was unsure of His place in the Kingdom of God which is why he had such deep-seated desire.

On the other hand I don’t need to desire a place in the kingdom like David, I don’t need to be deeply trouble or disturb with the desire to dwell in the house of the Lord because I know for a surety that through the promises of my Saviour that I will dwell in the house of the Lord but still like David I am sitting here this morning pain tugging at my heart because one thing I have a desire for and it is to have what David had, to have all the words of the Lord firmly placed upon my heart not just some but all of His word to know it all without even having to think about it,  to have the relationship with my Lord the kind of relationship that David had, the relationship that will make me a woman after God’s own heart so as I am sitting here I am pained and frustrated because I need to, I desire to know everything there is about my Saviour, to know Him through and through to have my heart and my soul glued to His, to feel his heart beat, to know his pain and his love to see what he sees. Yes one thing have I desire that I seek after is to be a woman after God’s own heart.  To have ALL His word firmly planted within my heart.

Written by Angela Doreen



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