God As A Parent Chastised

When we come to God He becomes our Father because He has adopted us into His kingdom, so straight away He is our parents and like any good parents He wants the best from us.

Now in order for us to get the best there are rules and guide lines that are laid out for us and like with any parents there are things He guides us in that we don’t quite understand and that we rebel against and of course like any naughty child when we go against the wisdom of our parents who knows best we will feel the consequence of our disobedience.

Well of course I am not going to sit here and tell you I am perfect, that would be a lie and as you know lie is a sin.

I remember just after I got save a group of my work mate wanted us all to go and have a team lunch, no particular reason just out to lunch as a team so of course I who usually use my lunch time to pray decided to join them and when we arrived at this Chinese restaurant that they all know so well but I have never been, everyone including me order their meal and out of the group I was the only born again that was there.

Anyway all our orders was taken and everyone’s food brought to the table, well everyone except me, my food did not come to the table but I note that God was trying to tell me something, in fact He did everything possible to get my attention from almost burning my ears off, my hands and feet everything He did to get my attention but of course I took no notice the others all got their food and finish eating and still I had no food my food was not delivered, when they all finish eating they began to question why my food had not arrive and of course wanted to make a complain and me was there trying to say no it’s okay don’t worry about, of course my don’t worry about was very lame and timid I did not try to stop them with authority the true be known I wanted my lunch.

Anyway the team made so much fuss with the waiters and demanded my lunch that they were apologizing profusely and they brought my food of course it was so late I could not eat it at the restaurant and although this time god is there like a good parent trying to get my attention, trying to steer me clear, trying to protect me I ignore me and took the food went back to the office and while I am do my work sneakily eat my lunch.

Feeling satisfy and full it was not long before I heard oh my God what’s wrong with your face, alarm I ran to the bathroom and shock horror not only was I cover in lumps but my face was the most horrible shape from being swollen, that was only the start I ran to the toilet because my stomach began to cut and roar like nothing. I had to leave work to go home and needless to say I could not make it home without several visits to the public convenience.

Now I tell you this to show God looks after His own but when we refuse to listen to Him just like any parents He will sit back and say if you can’t hear you must feel.

He did not want me to go to the restaurant, He did not want me to eat there, He did everything to get my attention but I ignore Him because I could not see what was in front of me but when you are a child of God He sees the obstacles even before it happens. He will always protect us and guide us but He will not force us and so yes being a believer does not mean bad things wont happen because the truth being told we as children will always do what children do try to go our own way, and like a good parent God will sit back and allow us to learn from our disobedience act. Of course some children will never learn and that is why you will see different behaviours amongst us but that is not a reason for you to miss out on having the best parent, best friend you will ever have.

I know some of you will be thinking to your self just with the thing that are happening in that world that if she belongs to God why did I get food poison, well the fact of the matter is God loves us and He wants us to be with Him but He wants us there because it is what we want, God want us to want to be with Him, He wants us to be with Him because we know His way His best, He does not want to force us and yes He could have done something drastic to prevent me from having food poisoning but what would I have learned from that, would I have learned obedience would I have learned that the things  He was telling is for my own good, no I would not now I realise that when God is speaking I need to listen, I realise that God is an all-knowing God who sees the things that are before me. I also realise that God’s promise of protection does not happen when I move from under the blood

Written by Angela


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