Follow Me

When Christ called His disciples, he utter two simple words “Follow Me” and these two words what does it mean to follow someone, because the ‘Me’ is a definite indication that Christ is referring to himself therefore when He says Follow” what is He asking us to do.

To follow what does it exactly mean and coming to my mind is that Christ is saying I have gone ahead or I am going ahead and I am making the path and I want you to come after me travelling in the same way as me and using the same path that He has use. That to me means we don’t need to make a way, the way has already been made, the path has already been cleared because He has already gone ahead and He has already come upon the blockages in the way. Christ is saying He is going ahead of us and He will see all the pitfalls, He will see the obstacles, the trials and He will make a way as He goes ahead of us He will mapped out a way for us to bypass the pitfalls if we only follow Him, walk in the path that He has trailed for us then we will be safe.

Christ is saying I have gone ahead I have face the dangers and I know where they are so I am making a pass for you and if you follow me walk the trail that I have made then you will overcome all as long as you stay on the trail that I have laid. Follow me, don’t go ahead of me don’t turn away from me don’t walk to the side of me just follow me because if you go ahead I have not yet cover that path, I have not yet seen your danger, follow me don’t come up to the side of me because I have not yet clear the path for you and don’t turn away to another path because I have not cleared those path, so the danger still lurk on the path which has not been cleared but if you follow me and do as I do then you will avoid the pitfalls the trials and the obstacles to overcome, you will succeed, you will be victorious.

So the question is are we following Christ are we travelling the path that He has cleared or have we perhaps veered off course, do we need to realign to the path that Christ has cleared, the trail that He has made in order for us to follow Him.

Are you thinking maybe that you would like to choose Christ make Him your choice but the road seem too hard, well just remember that you will not be finding your own path, Christ has already mapped it out for you all you have to do is follow the trail without veering to the right or veering to the left, without racing ahead just simply follow through using the instructional guide that He has left behind called the Holy Scriptures

Written By Angela Doreen


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Being molded in the image of Christ
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  1. I have like your post very will be very interesting and informative to us.


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