Belief In God Means Walking In His Way

You know there is an awful lot of people who don’t actually think they hate God, people who know of the existed of God and His Son, people who actually want to spend eternity in heaven, people who actually understand that there a heaven and there is a hell, people who understand that this man Jesus came and died for them, people who know that the devil is an evil so and so, people who spend time reading Gods word, people who if you ask them what they believe will automatically say I believe in Jesus, I believe in the Father and these very people will be able to quote Scriptures after Scriptures , they will use the name of Jesus till thy kingdom come, these very people will tell you that everybody who try to live righteous is a hypocrite, these very people will laugh and jeer after those who spend their time building a relationship with the Son, these very people will question the need to fellowship, the need of why one try so hard to be righteous.

These very people claim they believe, claim they know but they do not understand, that the devil knows the same exactly thing they know, the devil know that there is a God, the devil know that there is a son, the devil know that the Son came and die, the devil know that the Son is now alive, the devil knows and can quote Scriptures more than most believers and guess what the devil want more than anything to spend eternity in heaven in fact it was because of this his all-consuming desire to have heaven all to himself why he was kicked out in the first place. The devil will also make it his duty to try to mock and to hinder those who are trying to walk in righteousness.

You see there is really not an awful lot of difference between most people and the devil, in fact when it comes right down to it the thing that separates God’s people from the devil is the relationship with God and His Son, a relationship that the devil could never have, the other thing that separate God’s people from the devil is their belief in the Father and His Son the belief that the Father and His Son is the absolute, the Alpha and the Omega, beginning and ending of all, the belief that there is and will never be any greater power than the all-consuming power of God, the belief that God is the creator and man is subjected to God’s grace and God’s mercy. You see the devil think he can steal and take away this power by force. The other difference of course that separates God’s people from the devil is our walk, our attempt to yield to the obedience of God, our attempt to walk in unity and love, our aim and ambition to walk in righteousness and our desire to become servants and not masters and finally our relationship.

So today when you say you believe there is a God, when you say you know of the existence of the Son and you know Scriptures but continue to walk away from righteousness, continue to condemn God’s people, continue to walk on the side of wrong, when your aim and ambition is to become all-powerful, and masters of your own destiny, when your desire is to be of the world and when you are ashamed to be born again, when you are ashamed to be transformed, when you are ashamed to get into a relationship with the Father, with the Son and when you are ashamed to put the Father and the Son above all else ask yourself if you are a believer.

Yes I know many of you are depending on tomorrow to build that relationship, to make correction but ask yourself what if tomorrow doesn’t come, what then?

Written by Angela Doreen



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