What does it take to be used as Christ Was?

What does it take to be used as Christ Was?

You know today as I wake to the joy and presence of God within me I can’t help but think about what it takes to truly follow Christ.  I know we all say that we follow Him that we are His disciples and that we surrender ourselves.

But today as I give thought on what it truly mean to give oneself to Christ, what it takes to be a true vessel, to yield oneself, and to be truly used as Christ was used of God I cant help but consider how many of us really and truly understand that if Christ is our example and if we truly want to be like Him and follow his example to truly be a disciple one of the inner circle then nothing but true and absolute surrender will accomplish this.

I am overcome with the realisation of what it means if I truly want to be totally used as Christ was.  You know when I consider the fact of Christ leaving the comfort of his throne and coming here on earth, it really did not sink in the enormity and implication of just what Christ did, what He left behind. So many of us concentrate only on the fact that He came to earth, that He died for us but how many of us have seen and realise that in order for him to do the will of the Father it took a lot more than just coming to earth it took absolute surrender and in so doing He had to give up everything, all his possession, all his comfort and even leaving the side of His Father to come to a place where He knew that He would be despised, hated and killed.

As I awoke this morning it came to me that there are two types of disciples there are those that follow Christ but then there are those the inner circle the ones closest to Him who will need to, who will be required to forsake even mother, father and everything that they know if they are to be completely used in the way Christ was used of God, yes totally surrendering to the will of Christ requires complete death to self, total surrender, a complete yielding of self, the giving over of all control and power of self to another in this case to Christ.  Such is the enormity of surrendering one self as Christ that I wonder whether it is possible to absolutely surrender to Christ and still maintain everything as we have, without forsaken our mother, father, children, brother, sister and all that is comfortable to us.

Written By Angela Doreen




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