Time to Make a Choice

Time to Make a choice

Good Morning all, the time appear to be running away from us at such an alarming rate that I wonder if you are taking serious stack of where your final destination will be. Now of course it is a decision that each of us have to make ourselves but this is such an important decision, to just leave it to chance seem to be sheer madness.

Each and every one of us I know are aware of the wide road that looks so appealing in fact there appear to be so many goodies on this road that many, many of us gets fooled into thinking this is the road to be on because all the things we dream of having just seem to fall at our feet, the good things in life, the riches, the fast lane oh yes that is what many refer to it has often we are told hey you need to get into the fast lane that is where it is happening, that is where life is, and so it may be for a very, very short time, but this fast lane leads to destruction so it is rather short-lived.

But there is another road yes the narrow road, appear to be a tight fit and to look at it there is not much that really appeal to those looking to fly high, on this narrow road it appear to be dry boring, even to be a struggle fitting on it and trying to get through it boy is the going tough, obstacle after obstacle appear to be everywhere but somehow it is hard to believe that we could have two such choice, surely something must be amiss why would one of the road look so easy yet have you consider the saying easy come easy go and that other road the narrow one why and earth would it be a choice surely no one would be choosing something that looks so hard, something that requires endurance, patience, determination, strength but maybe we ought to really consider why this is a choice look more deeply into why a road would appear so difficult think about maybe what we may find at the end of the hardship, after we endure so much what will be at the end waiting for us.

It is something isn’t it the two roads now maybe we ought to sit a little while and consider with the time so fast approaching which road do we need to be on that wide Road that everything appear without a challenge or the narrow road which appear to be a little hard going, yes maybe you ought to thing what maybe at the end of both these roads and whether you are on the right one before it is too late after all whether we like it or not time is fast approaching and we only get to make a concious choice while we still have time once that time has expired well it is a little too late which may be why one of the road is so wide do you think maybe a lot of people end up not making a concious choice and end up on that big wide road, which maybe wont seem so big when everyone is on it. Well come now let us stop and think before it is too late.

Written by Angela Doreen


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