The Transforming Power Of God Should Be Working In Your Life

Many of us say we are in Christ, profess that we believe in Christ yet there is no noticeable difference in us.  There can be no doubt that there must be a change, a transformation must be taking place in us otherwise the object of the exercise (plan) is defeated.  What is the exercise (plan) am I taking about, it is the redemptive plan of God for mankind to return unblemished to the Kingdom. We know from Scriptures that in our creative form, we were perfect and then through sin we became tainted which sever us from the presence of God, however we also know that God wants us to return, He wants us to know Him as Father, Son and Spirit, He wants to spend eternity with us, thus He requires us to be in the unblemished state and although we of self cannot get us in to the state God wants us, He is prepared to help us by working through us, transforming us from the inside out.

This transformation although not completed begins the moment we accept Christ, the moment we profess to believe in Christ and accept His Lordship over our life, a transformation should have started.

When we look at the conversion of Paul Acts 9:1-43 where Paul accepted Christ on the road to Damascus it did not take long for others to begin to see a transformation in Paul.  Paul persona changed, his speech change, his thinking change, his direction change, his appearance changed, his agenda changed, thus we get the idea that something have taken place, a new thing has happened to Paul, he is no longer the person of old he has now become a new person, even the change of name from Saul to Paul is an indication to us that once we truly accept Christ changes begin to happen.

I remember after I had given my life to Christ and fully pledged my vow to follow Christ on to death, not until next year, or until the next ten years but until death, a vow that I intent with all my heart, mind and soul to keep one of my sisters though not yet walking in the way of Christ came to our church Service and she started to panic because she search everywhere and could not find me.  We were sisters that were very close we did everything together prior to me coming to Christ, there really was not a day we did not see each other, we partied together everything, but on this particular day not long after I had accepted Christ she came and just could not find me, until someone inform her I was sitting just in front of her.  She was amazed; she could not believe that she did not recognize me.

Anyway I remember thinking it was funny and many people have acknowledge that they too could see why she did not recognise me because of how I had changed not just internally but even on the outside.  I too have notice a great change in me, I feel change on the inside and change on the outside, but the greatest change I know is the things that were of interest to me is no longer of interest, the things I thought made me happy no longer have the appeal to me, I now feel like Paul that I am a different person, I feel when he says in Galatians 2:20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me equally applies to me because I know a transformation although not completed have began to do a good work in me.

So because I know what is or has taken place in me I cannot understand anyone who profess to believe in Christ who display no outward change whatsoever, who continue to live the life they always live, who continue to do and say the things they always said. You see if you are in Christ a transformation should be taking place in you, so if you are not being transformed then you really need to look into who are you really in.

Written by Angela Doreen Jan 2012


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