The Gift Of Life

Life is a gift from God who created us and breathe life into us. He created us to live comfortable and in enjoyment, worshipping our creator, who would in turn provide for all our needs.

Man has spoilt that wonderful life through sin and now we are spiralling downward unless we can recapture the essence of this wonderful gift that God gave us. Now when you look around the world today this may seem like an impossible task but hey guess what there is the good news reveal in Scriptures of the Son of God who came down to earth being truly man and truly God to be an example to us of how we can regain that marvellous life that is meant to be ours. He willing lived on earth a life that was sinless and He willing took on our sins and died to save us from this downward spiral, the only trouble is many of you still don’t realise that in order to recapture that wonderful life, in order to get back to the comfortable life that we were created to enjoy we have to return to God, we have to accept His Son who is the only one who knows the way back, the only one with the key to the Kingdom, the only one able to tell you the truth but of course first you have to acknowledge that you have sin and then you have to acknowledge God and the death of His Son and you have to ask Him to come into your life and to take control.

Once that is done and you believe in faith then He will begin to help you to be ready to enjoy what you were created for. Of course I can’t force you the choice is yours, He created , you as His treasured possession, and He loved you enough to sacrifice His only begotten Son for you because of the love He has towards you.

Written by Angela Doreen


About angeladoreen

Being molded in the image of Christ
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