God’s Righteousness

You know since coming to Christ I often hear people say (and it is quite possible that as a sinner unborn of Christ this was possible my thought too) that Christians believe they are the ones who are perfect and everyone else are wrong. Well since coming to Christ I got to tell you that although we were all as human beings created my the Almighty God, since the entry of sin into the world (since the point of separation from God) the human race must be distinguished one from one another by the choices we make.

So as with anything in life, good is distinguished from bad therefore if one makes a choice to follow Christ then it stands to reason that the decision to follow the good path puts that person above someone who has made the lesser choice, the one to follow the bad path to destruction. You see in life we make decisions and the results of those very decisions we make will turn around and make us who we are and determine where we end up whether it is life or death.

You see every decision we make have a consequent to the final outcome, for an example a school child that make a decision not to attend school, to skive and waste their time not doing any school work is unlikely to end up in the same position as a dedicated child who applied themselves to doing their school work. The decision made will determine the final outcome, thus it is the same with the whole of mankind our decisions to follow or not to follow Christ will determine whether we are perfect or imperfect, whether our ending be good or bad.

You see mankind really only have the word of God which they can choose to accept or reject and the choice to either accept of reject have consequence attached to them. Only one of the choices will have a good outcome, the outcome for the other is not just bad it is awful.

Christ who is the very word of God, have given us pointers on which choice is the better to make as well as He has made it plain on what the consequent of either decision will be, rather He has told us the end result to whichever choice we make. So when a believer think they are perfect it is not a decision they conjure up it is what the word of God suggest, imply and states. The fact is all of mankind have the same opportunity to be ye perfect by choosing and making the right choice, the good choice, you see Christ spell it out He informs us there are two path, two ways that leads to different destination, one of those destination will lead one to eternal life reconnected to the Father and the joys of life and the other path will lead one to eternal damnation a path of destruction, heartache and pain.

When Christ was here on earth He spent a lot of time pointing people in the right way, in our directional map the Bible, Christ instructions, directions are recorded and in one of His five major sermon in Matthew we have the famous Sermon on the Mount where towards the close of that sermon Christ made it clear and with no mistakes which path mankind should seek in order to get to the perfect path that leads to eternal life. Matthew 7:13-14 spells this out in no uncertain terms. The verses from 15-29 spells out to us the things that will deceive us such as listening to the wrong advice pretty much like what most of mankind have opted to do when they listen to those who go around saying that there is no God or that people originated from monkey or that there was a big bang which happen and that is how the world came into being or that it is okay to live anyhow you like because you will get to heaven anyhow.

Written by Angela Doreen


Angela Doreen’s Foot Note

Guys it might seem that I keep harping on about these choices that you have but it is really important that is why I keep going on about it because I too was once deceived, satan had me bound, he had my eyes covered in scales so I could not see what was right from what was wrong, but because you are all either my family or friends I have a need to see you on the right path, I need to know that you too will one day enjoy the hope and promises of Christ, I want to know that you find a purpose to that which you were created for, I want to know that you too will enjoy a wonderful life eternally with the Father.

You see the world at large has found a new term which they are hot on, they want you to be politically correct about the things that will lead you to destruction and they could not care less about getting you Spiritually Correct, a point where you will have peace, where you will have joy, where you will have a purpose and where you will have eternal life. You see the world at large don’t care about your future, and about your happiness but I am here to tell you Jesus cares and that is why He has left you enough instructions for you to make the right choice to get on the right path so you can get to the right destination. Jesus says ‘Enter ye at the strait gate because it is the strait gate and the narrow way which will lead you to life. Guys, the world will have you think there are many ways, many paths but let me tell you the word of God says there are only two gates, two ways and two destinies, so know ye that one of those is Jesus, who is the only one who can lead you on one of those way, the right way which leads to the right destiny so please choose wisely before it is too late make the choice to have peace, joy and happiness eternally with the Father.



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