Are you Ready to Give An Account?

Are you Ready to Give An Account?

I wonder how many people are just sitting down waiting for Christ return. How many believe when Christ comes back they will have time to get ready. I wonder how many of you think Christ is coming back to preach to the crowd. How many of you are sitting down waiting for another Sermon on the Mount, how many of you are waiting for Christ to return and to call you.

Well guess what I have news for you Christ has already preach His message, Christ has already called you, Christ has already delivered His Sermon on the Mount. In Fact Christ has already done all the things you are waiting around for. He has already given you his instructions so on His return you better be ready and waiting. In fact if I were you I would spending the time you are wasting to prepare the answer you intend to give Him when you are ask. Oh and yes you will be ask to give an account because when Christ returns it is judgment time for everybody.

And believers guess what we get to go first, oh yes we will also be judged in fact the House of God will be the first called to give an account, so if you have not been following his instructions if you have made up your own rule because you feel you are under grace so you can walk anyhow you like make sure you have a good answer. In fact if I was a believer who say I can walk anyhow I like, that I can commit sin and be as the world is, then I should be wondering why Christ need to judge the house of God. After all it don’t quite make sense if I am a believer and can do anything I like because I am under grace then surely there is no need for me to be judge because I am under grace I can do no wrong. Sounds like a tough one so you better get going thinking up a tough answer to account for your not following Christ instruction.

Unbelievers, yes I know you are waiting to be called but guess what you are already called so you need to be pretty good coming up for a good reason why you should not get thrown in the lake of fire. Why you rejected the free offer of salvation, why you rejected love and why have not chosen Christ. And if I say so myself guess what you have a pretty tough job on your hand so the sooner you begin the better chance you have to come up with an impossible answer. Yes very tough when no answer will suffice.

Well all I can say people the time is fast approaching so I hope we all have a good account for ourselves to give when we face the judgment seat because dead or alive one thing is certain we will all have to give an account for ourselves.

Written By Angela Doreen


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