Are we allowing the same tactics to overpower us

Are we allowing the same tactics to overpower us.

I wonder would satan have succeeded in the garden, if Eve were not alone. Folks, have you notice that satan, the serpent did not go after Eve and Adam while they were together, while they were united in fellowship.

Why did he wait until Eve was alone, does that mean satan is afraid of unity. Can it be that unity could prove to be satan’s downfall? Do you think there is a deliberate move from satan to keep God‘s people divided even within the churches, within our doctrine?

Today, it seem not only is unity under attack but the word of God is also under attack, just as in the garden of Eden where satan deliberately attack the word of God by placing doubt in Eve on what God had commanded, people it would seem today satan is still attacking God’s word by keeping people so occupied they choose not to spend time in the word but if we go back to the beginning we ought to see the importance that satan place on casting doubt on God’s word, we ought to see how cowardly he was in moving in on Eve only when she was alone.

So today are we letting satan succeed by not standing together in unity, by us thinking that what God so declare is no longer valid but more important are we allowing satan to win by our failure to study Gods word.

Come on people of God let us wake up and consider the road and remember that there are many who are declaring Lord, Lord but who will not get recognition could it be that knowing Gods word and unity will play a large path to getting on the narrow path.

The thought suddenly come to me and I am wondering, well food for thought maybe.

Written by Angela Doreen


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