Don’t Just Follow Blindly

Don’t Just Follow Blindly

Believers you have a responsibility to take note and act upon 2 Timothy 2:15 Study to show thyself approve, the word of God is pretty clear there, so we cannot blame someone else for not knowing what the word of God says. There are ample indication in the word of God which directs us to know the word, to study the word and to discern who and what gives us food and the food that we are being fed this means there is a lot of responsibility placed on the individual to ensure they study the word.

Take note that there are an awful amount of warnings giving to us about false teachers and prophets so we have no excuse in allowing ourselves to be deceived.

The word of God is truth and the truth will set us free, therefore satan has no conceivable reason to teach the truth because he knows that the truth is powerful so why would he want us to have that power, therefore it behooves us if we want to be free to know the truth. The devil will always teach a lie and that same lie if we believe it, will be our downfall, because when you are deceived into believing a lie you are thus unable to see the truth so you accept and commit to the lie which lead us away from the path of God and in the end that lie will damn us. 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12

Anyone who blindly follows another without question and accepts things blindly without testing it, is in serious problem. So don’t think the leaders will be taking the punishment for people’s stupidity, they will be punished for their own unrighteousness as will everyone for their own unrighteousness including going after or believing and committing to a lie.

Written by Angela Doreen


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